Different types of casing used in the process of oil production


Oil casing antirust paint series products extend the technological transformation projects, through the development of all-weather weather resistance, moisture resistance and good anti rust paint products, to increase in Macao joint venture brands "Lu Ao Pu" oil production directory and high-end market competition ability. To accelerate the total investment 130 million yuan project schedule of investment, the company technology center composition liuwenliang engineers, led by group of experts, in the short term is put into 500kg * 2 special regulation dehydrator and anti rust paint test production line. By the authority and the best formula of the experiment, finally achieved fruitful results in mid November. New development of ALP petroleum steel pipe rust proof paint (drying), color and appearance of yellow, smooth film, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, and (using the spray gun) that is sprayed or dry, its viscosity, flexibility and adhesion with the GB/T1723-1993 "and" GB/T1720-1989 "standard, obtained the widespread praise in the surrounding areas of Tianjin petroleum steel pipe market. The product orders keep pouring in, technology center in development of antirust series formula module at the same time has production department to provide product test quality appraisal report, and suggested that the company should organize a special batch production.